House Sitter in Perth WA – Find Someone to Look After your House or Apply to Sit

Jan, owner of Allpet House Sitters with Mr Scruffy and Tiger

Jan, owner of Allpet House Sitters with Mr Scruffy and Tiger

Allpet House Sitters are a house sitting company that sources wonderful sitters to look after dogs, cats, bunnies, chooks and gardens, pools and houses to name but a few!!

We are a PERTH based local family business who are registered with the ‘Consumer Protection’ so you will be sure you have reliable professional people to care for your lovely pets when you are away.

Need a Sitter? Want to become a Sitter?

Allpet House Sitters was created in 2005 with two ideas in mind:

* To help home owners locate responsible house and pet sitters.

Having a sitter come and stay in your house takes the stress away from putting your beloved pet in a kennel or cattery where they may come back sick or stressed. Our service is less expensive too! All our sitters are police checked and vetted by our office to ensure that you are only connected with mature animal lovers who will take the responsibility of looking after your pet/s seriously. If you’re going away and looking for a sitter check out our page for home owners.

* To help reliable sitters (pet lovers) find houses that are comfortable with lovely pets to spoil.

If you love animals and are retired, in between houses, just moved interstate, missing some animal companionship or just wanting a change of scenery then house and pet sitting might just be for you. We will pair you with great animals and lovely houses to look after, and you get to stay there rent free and have the full support and experience of our office behind you. You can apply to be a sitter on this page.

Gemma our office manager with her two lovely dogs Charlie and Ska and their friend Tiger

Gemma our office manager with her two lovely dogs Charlie and Ska and their friend Tiger

Are you :

  • Going away and worried about your cat or your dog an do not want them to put them in a “Hot Kennel”?
  • Going away and leaving the house empty? Worried about the plants or veggie garden? (You do not have to own a pet, as Allpet House Sitters will live-in and keep your home secure and your garden watered in the hot weather.)

Your house sitter will:

  • “Pamper your pets”.
  • Keep your home neat and tidy as you left it.
  • Pickup the post.
  • Water your house plants, and look after your vegetable garden.
  • Enhance your home security by living here – so that your house never looks as though you are away.
  • Set alarms and ensure all your normal security procedures are followed to the letter.
  • Perform some basic garden and/or pool maintenance.
  • Accept deliveries on your behalf.

Please have a look at our wonderful testimonials that vouch for our reliability and commitment.

Having a house sitter can alleviate the stress when preparing for a holiday and can be more relaxing whilst sipping a margarita on the beach knowing your house, garden and pets are well cared for.

The TOP 10 Reasons to Have a House and Pet Sitter

  1. Knowing your home and pets are safe whilst away.
  2. Your pets are in the same routine with their exercise requirements.
  3. Your pets are loved and cared for like you would do. We do not charge for cuddling them!
  4. The sitters are all mature pet lovers.
  5. The sitters are all police cleared, reference checked and insured for accidental damage.
  6. Allpet House Sitters are very fussy. We only take sitters that we would have in our own house.
  7. Having a house sitter is much cheaper than the kennels based on a month sit, and includes ‘deluxe service and care’ every day.
  8. House sitters will perform basic maintenance for the garden and pool.
  9. House sitters will bring in the mail and newspapers ensuring that ‘lived-in’ look.
  10. 24 hour contact and management availability to all house sitters.

There are so many more reasons to have a house sitter, each family is different, every home is unique.  At Allpet House Sitters we take great pride in looking after your home ensuring it is kept in excellent condition. Our house sitters are regularly supervised and have been interviewed and approved by our management.

The Process of Finding the Right Person for Your House and Pets

How does it work?

  • You will meet with an Allpet representative who will take you through the paperwork required for a booking. There will be a Deed/Contract, an Information Manual, a Neighbour Letter and a Departure Checklist.
  • The representative will take down your personal information to match a sitter to your requirements.
  • You will meet with the sitter at least twice before your departure to ensure the owner, sitter and pets are comfortable with each other.
  • The owner will fill out the documentation prior to the assigned sitter arriving for an introductory meeting. This allows the owner and sitter to review and discuss particulars to the booking. The Allpet office must receive copies of this information, with any signatures required, a minimum of 14 days prior to a departure. This information is vital for our records, and your home and pets’ protection. The more pertinent the information, the less stress for you, the pets and the sitter.
  • The owner and sitter will stay in touch to ensure there are no last minute panics.

If you have any further questions or queries about the services offered by Allpet House Sitters, please view our FAQs; email us; call Gemma, Lee or Jenny on +61 (08) 9368 4477; or find out more about us here.