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Loving care when you’re not there

Need peace of mind while you are away from home? Then contact Allpet House Sitters to look after your home and loved ones while you are away.

We are a Perth based live-in house sitting, pet minding & caring agency. Our professional service is provided by a team of personally interviewed, trustworthy, police cleared pet lovers. Our sitters lovingly care for your cat or dog in their own home, so they are content & relaxed in your absence giving you peace of mind whilst your are away. Our sitters take great pride in looking after your home, ensuring it is kept in excellent condition in your absence.

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As part of our ongoing commitment, Allpet House Sitters will ensure the following services are provided for our clients:

  • The house sitters will move into your home and stay every night to look after your pets and home.
  • Ensure all pets are given the love they are used to when you’re normally at home, including exercising and grooming.
  • Maintain the garden and pool.
  • Bring in the mail and newspapers ensuring that ‘lived in look’.
  • Provide 24 hour contact and management availability to all house sitters.
  • Ensure groceries are purchased for your day of return (on request).

If you are an existing client of Allpet House Sitters, there is no need to fill in a full application form.

Please let us know the following:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Exact dates a sitter is required
  • Has anything changed from the last booking – any additions to pets, etc.?

You can submit this information via our Existing Clients Booking form.

When booking a House Sitter, the following system applies:

  • You will meet with an Allpet House Sitters representative who will take you through the paperwork required for a booking. There will be a Deed/Contract, an Information Manual, a Neighbour Letter and a Departure Checklist.
  • The representative will take down your personal information to match a sitter to your requirements.
  • You will meet with the sitter at least twice before your departure to ensure the owner, sitter and pets are comfortable with each other.
  • The owner will fill out the documentation prior to the assigned sitter arriving for an introductory meeting. This allows the owner and sitter to review and discuss particulars to the booking. The Allpet House Sitters office must receive copies of this information, with any signatures required, a minimum of 14 days prior to a departure. This information is vital for our records, and your home and pets’ protection. The more pertinent the information, the less stress for you, the pets and the sitter.
  • The owner and sitter will stay in touch to ensure there are no last minute panics.

From my extensive experience of ‘past questions asked’ I have been able to summarise them to help relieve some of the fear of having a house sitter for the first time. I understand how daunting it can be having a stranger in your home and realise that the business is based on trust and integrity.

The Allpet House Sitters team are very friendly – and will help you through the procedure of finding a reliable sitter and alleviate any doubts you may have about utilising our service. The sitters are selected for their love of and experience with pets. Some have been on my books for several years and are very experienced. Your sitter will live in your home and care for your pets in their own environment, sticking to your pets’ normal routine.

In addition, your home will be well cared for and security will be enhanced by the presence of a house sitter. To boost your confidence in our business, we have thousands of fantastic testimonials from happy clients which have been accumulated over the last 10 years. You can find some on our testimonial page.

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Please complete our contact form, email [email protected], or ring us +61 (08) 9368 4477 for more information.

Please also note, over the Christmas holiday period we request a minimum of three weeks per booking.