About AllPet House Sitters

Jen and Tiger | dog and cat house sitter

Jan Riddell recognised the need for a live-in and fully insured house sitting agency. The company was started in 2005 and has since grown to become one of the leading agencies in Perth for bringing homeowners and sitters together. We have hundreds of testimonials from happy clients that continue to work with us.

If you are looking for a friendly and experienced pet sitter in Perth, you can rely on our professional services. Our team is operated by trustworthy and police cleared pet lovers. We lovingly care for your pets in their own home and ensure that they are well tended to while you are away.

You won’t have to worry about sending your beloved family members to a ‘cold kennel’ anymore.

With our house and pet sitters, everyone wins. Whether you are going abroad for a vacation or out of town for a business meeting, you have complete peace of mind. Your pets are well cared for and our sitters get accommodation in exchange for providing their services.

Need a Sitter? Want to become a Sitter?

One of our happy clients, Rolf, said “Jan, I have been in hospitality all my life and you would find it hard to come across this kind of service and care in my industry”.

For more information see the Home Owners page or contact us directly for more assistance. We are happy to answer your questions and set you up with a suitable house sitter in Perth.

The Allpet House Sitters Office Team and Their Beautiful Pets

Gemma Elder
Gem is our Office Manager and these are her two very loved Border Collies Charlie and Ska. Tiger is a regular neighbourhood visitor to the Allpet House Sitters Office and loved by everyone!

Lee is part of our accounts team. Here she is with her beloved Pug Belle. Belle’s favourite toy is a toothbrush!

Works in accounts and just loves her beautiful Elke who loves to run on the beach, chase lizards, eat olives and barks at anyone wearing High Vis!!!


These photos are from our 2016 office Christmas lunch. We thought you might like to see them to get to know our office ladies a bit better. From left to right are: Catherine, Jan (owner of Allpet House Sitters), Gemma (Office Manager), Lee and Robyn.

Here is a close up of Jan and Gemma. Hopefully these shots will give you a better feel for the staff member you’re in touch with when talking to us on the phone!